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Malkin MSM conspiracy delusion of the day

Malice in Malkinland is always looking for the alleged "liberal" bias in the mainstream media, even when none yet exists. This morning on her blog, she has a seemingly pro-U.S. photo from Iraq that she says "you probably won't see on your newspaper's front page or on the network news." What she won't tell you is that there are any number of photos that are unflattering to the U.S. occupation that these same newspapers don't run on their front pages or that don't appear on the network news. Even more interesting is that the photo is readily accessible online at Yahoo! News and was distributed by the Associated Press, another frequent target of Malkin's malice. When you live in right-wing world, you see things that just aren't there. I think what they are seeing is the planks in their own eyes while they're complaining about the speck in their brother's eyes (Matthew 7:3-5).


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