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Malkinland: "It's okay if we do it, but not if you do it."

Malice in Malkinland uses a commercial by a single activist left-wing PAC to indict all people who are left of center and/or who oppose the war. It's a typical wingnut superfluous overgeneralization lacks any reasonable foundation and demonstrates their lack of credibility. Regardless, I tend to agree that tends to be hyperbolic in its language and imagery. I don't always agree with their message (as presented) or how they choose to present it. However, they bring a viewpoint to the discussion that's just as valid as any of their right-wing counterparts — i.e. Swiftboaters comes immediately to mind. What I find most fascinating is the uproar about the use of misleading imagery as well as doctored images. People are outraged about using deceptive imagery to advance a political ad. I seem to remember a certain incumbant president whose campaign utilized such practices in at least one of its campaign ads. Was Malkinland outraged then? "It's okay if we do it but not okay if you do it.


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