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More on Coburn: He says Alito legislated from the bench

President Bush and Republicans have repeatedly said they don't want activist judges. If (Republican) Senator Coburn is right, they can't confirm the latest nominee Alito. From this week's NBC's Meet The Press:

RUSSERT: Do you believe Congress has the right to restrict the sale and transfer of machine guns or do you think that Judge Alito is correct that Congress should not be interfering in that?

SEN. TOM COBURN (R-OK): No, I think we probably have the right to do it. But I don’t think a judge has the right. That brings us back to the whole point. Those aren’t decisions judges should be making. Those are decisions legislatures should be making. That’s how we’ve gotten off on this track that we allowed judges to start deciding the law, new law, rather than interpret the law that the Congress — what should have napped this case is this is an area that’s up for debate and needs to go back to Congress. And if Congress decides that, then it should be there.

RUSSERT: So Judge Alito was wrong?


RUSSERT: And he was legislating?


Well. Perhaps he should tell his fellow judiciary committee members and fellow Republican senators. Of course, they will find a way to weasel out of this too.


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