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More on Malkin: Ignorance is bliss

Alex Koppleman says some media critics simply don't know what they're talking about (like the one I cited earlier today). He goes on to say that Michelle Malkin is on of the worst offenders.
Apparently, these days being a media critic doesn’t require any actual experience as a working journalist; some people, it seems, consider their ability to occasionally pick up and read a newspaper credential enough. There aren’t many people who would step up to criticize the moves of a surgeon if they themselves didn’t have experience in an operating room, but nearly everyone is happy to tell the press how to do its job. Few really know what goes into producing a single story, much less an entire newspaper, magazine or television show. The press deserves plenty of the criticism it receives, and the increased interest in the machinery of journalism can only improve our profession. The problem is that some critics — far more often on the right than the left — fill the holes in their knowledge of how the media works by positing an ever-present bias, if not outright conspiracy. In their world, evil liberals are hiding behind every corner in every newsroom, waiting to shaft conservatives any chance they get. It’s a nice explanation in theory, but few of the examples they cite are evidence of anything, and anyone with basic experience working in a newsroom would know it. Blogger/columnist Michelle Malkin has been one of the worst offenders lately. Malkin didn’t respond to an Email seeking comment, but the biography provided on her blog makes clear that she has no experience as anything but an opinion writer. Malkin started at the Los Angeles Daily News as a columnist and has been one since. It’s media experience, sure, but not the kind of experience likely to inform a well-rounded media critique. Most columnists don’t get involved in the day-to-day operations of a newspaper; they don’t see the factors that go into editorial decisions, how reporters get a story or even what design and photo editors do. David Neiwert, a freelance writer and blogger who, while at the Bellevue Journal American, edited Malkin’s syndicated column, has written extensively about her on his blog. In an interview, he said his experience with Malkin showed she was apparently unaware of some basic journalistic procedures. [Read entire column]
Of course, the cynics among us might say that this is the new standard — make whatever statements you want to support your position/agenda without worrying about actual fact-checking. It works from this administration. It works for Fox News. And it works for Michelle Malkin.


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