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More Pentagon gross incompetence or unabashed corruption

There is so much, I'm running out of words to comment on all these stories of incompetence, mismanagement and corruption surrounding Iraq. From this morning's Washington Post:

The Air Force, under pressure from the Pentagon, committed a "gross error" last year when it rushed to sign a no-bid contract for advisers to help plan and implement Iraq's national elections and draft its constitution, the Government Accountability Office has ruled. [...]

"This obvious error constituted lack of advance planning, which compromised the agency's ability to obtain any meaningful competition and directly resulted in the sole-source award," the decision said. The Air Force should hold a competition for the second contract, which is ongoing, or justify why it should not, the report said. The Air Force did not respond to requests for comments. [...] "GAO has put its foot down: The [Pentagon] can't take shortcuts in competition that violate the law, even in a time of war," said Christopher R. Yukins, associate professor of government contract law at George Washington University.
Any guesses on whether or not this company has made significant contributions to the GOP?


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