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Mudslinger Dick Morris can dish it out, but can't take it

Crooks and Liars reports on an exchange between radio talk show host Thom Hartmann and former-Clinton-advisor-turned-Clinton-bashing- Fox-News-contributor Dick Morris:
Thom Hartmann had Dick Morris (I am the toe man) on his show today and there was a very interesting exchange. Morris was prattling on about how wonderful Condi Rice is when Thom questioned her job performance. Immediately, Dick began assaulting Sandy Berger so Hartmann reminded Dick of his hooker obsession. Morris hung up on him. Albino Dolphin has the full interview.
Sandy Berger told me personally Dick that he told Condi Rice when she came into office-that his words to her were look out for Osama Bin Laden. He's coming to get you. You need to be paying attention. This has to be your number one priority and she said, "OK thank you very much for that information," and did then nothing. Morris: Did he, did he take the documents out of his socks when he told you that? Hartmann: Come on Dick, do you want me to talk about hookers with you? Come on Dick. Morris: Okay, well thanks very much for the interview. Bye-bye. (hangs up)
If more talk show hosts did this sort of thing there wouldn't be many extreme right wing apologists left on the airwaves.


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