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Mutiny on The Hill: GOP leaders can't keep their "troops" in line

With the increasing unpopularity of this administration and the Republican-led Congress, individual GOP members are starting to feel the heat and are breaking ranks to save their own political careers. Election season often creates "independent" voices that break from unpopular party lines. With the president suffering record-low job approval and GOP congressional leaders under indictment or investigation, the GOP can't keep their "troops" in line — the party line. Here's a sampling of recent defections: "House drops arctic drilling from bill"

A nearly two-decade effort to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling suffered a severe setback at the hands of moderate House Republicans just as Congress was about to deliver it to President Bush as his top energy priority.

GOP leaders scrapped the drilling plan in a search for just enough votes to pass another of Bush's priorities, a $51 billion deficit-reduction program cutting spending on food stamps, Medicaid, child support enforcement and other domestic programs through the rest of the decade. Also axed was another conservative priority, a plan allowing states to lift a moratorium on oil drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts.

"GOP finds they do not have enough votes to pass budget"

House Republican leadership is scrambling after being unable to pass a major budget bill following defections from numerous members of their own party, RAW STORY has learned. Rank-and-file Republicans are upset at the extent of spending cuts in the bill.

Earlier this year, the House Republican leadership had passed a budget which enjoined lawmakers to cut spending by $35 billion while retaining $70 billion in tax cuts. The proposed budget would have cut spending by $50 billion, while retaining tax cuts.

"GOP Representative threatens subpoenas for Bush administration"

House Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom Davis (R-Va.) yesterday threatened to subpoena three members of the Bush Cabinet and White House counsel Harriet Miers if they do not comply with document requests issued by his select committee on Hurricane Katrina response.

During a committee hearing yesterday, Davis decried the failure of White House officials to release e-mails and other communication records related to the hurricane and its aftermath. Davis set a hard deadline of Nov. 18 for all federal agencies to comply with his requests.

Oh, how the White House and GOP leadership miss "The Hammer." It's nice to see that some Republicans have enough of a spine to finally stand up against the strong-armed tactics of GOP leaders.


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