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Numbers the White House should really be concerned about

Even as his poll numbers have steadily declined (or "tanked" depending on your perspective), the president could always rely on his solid base — those diehard GOP disciples, blindly following their fearless, "do-no-wrong" leader. But the latest Diageo/Hotline Poll reveals some cracks in that previously unbreakable foundation. Here are "high"lights from that poll, as reported by The Hotline:
  • 60% of voters think the nation is on the wrong track and 41% of GOPers agree; that GOP "wrong track" number is the highest we've recorded. The previous GOPer "wrong track" high was 29% in Oct.
  • GOPers "strongly" approving of Bush's job has dropped to 37%, the lowest since this poll began, in Jan., down from 59% in 3/05.
  • Asked why voters disapprove of Bush, the top reason is Iraq. This is also the top reason among GOPers (34%).
  • Pluralities agree both Cheney (49%) and Rumsfeld (46%) do more to hurt Bush than help, 72% say Rice "mostly helps."
  • This admin-wide disapproval is seeping into Congress with 26% saying they will replace their current Rep., up from 19% last month. Among GOPers alone it increased from 10% to 26%.
Taegan Goddard's Political Wire adds this interesting related note:
It's no wonder a joint DSCC/DCCC report says the Republican controlled congress blindly follows Bush's lead. "A startling 91% of Senate Republicans, 80% of House Republicans voted in sync with Bush White House in 2004."
Does he still believe that he has a mandate? Will he finally pay attention to the latest numbers enough to realize that he's headed in the wrong direction and that his presidency will soon become illegitimate (because of overwhelming public disapproval) unless he makes some profound changes in his administration, his agenda and his policies? If we've learned one thing from this whole thing it's that the Rove style of politics ("fears, smears and queers," as Al Franken puts it) has its limits and apparently becomes a liability more than an asset after about five years; if you count the campaign cycles, the expiration date has long since passed. You're expired, Mr. Rove. Resign and move on.


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