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Oil companies spread the wealth with bribes — I mean campaign contributions

From PoliticalMoneyLine:
A review of the PACs of the top ten oil companies shows that over $700,000 in PAC money continues to flow in the first nine months of the 2005-2006 cycle. These ten oil company PACs gave out a total of $712,290 to federal candidates, plus other funds to party committees and leadership PACs. Of the $712,290 total, eighty-five per cent ($608,350) went to Republican candidates, 14% ($102,940) went to Democratic candidates, and 1% ($1,000) went to others. [1] The top recipients in 2005-2006 were Rep. Joe Barton $31,500; Sen. Conrad Burns $23,500; Rep. Tom DeLay $22,500; Rep. Richard Pombo $21,000; Sen. Craig Thomas $20,500; Sen. George Allen $20,100; Speaker Dennis Hastert $20,000; Sen. Trent Lott $16,000; Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison $12,250; and Sen. John Ensign $12,000. The members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee received the most, $110,550. They were followed by members of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transporation ommittee $99,350. Use PoliticalMoneyLline's Standing Committee Profile to view all the PAC money received by members of a Standing Committee of Congress.
[1] This is "surprising." Under the Republican-led Congress and this Republican administration, oil companies have seen their coffers balloon dramatically. This year alone, the oil industry has seen more than $96 billion in record profits. Looks to me like money well spent.


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