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"One of most dishonest and reprehensible..."

Cutting to the Chase has really... well... cut to the chase when it comes to dick — wait, that's supposed to be with a big "D" as in Dick Cheney. Chase isn't fightin' fair anymore; he had the audacity to bring up Dick's past statements to challenge Dick's current statements. NOW:
"The suggestion that's been made by some U.S. senators that the president of the United States or any member of this administration purposely misled the American people on pre-war intelligence is one of the most dishonest and reprehensible charges ever aired in this city." -- Dick Cheney, Nov. 16, 2005
"We do know, with absolute certainty, that he is using his procurement system to acquire the equipment he needs in order to enrich uranium to build a nuclear weapon." -- Dick Cheney, Sept. 8, 2002
What were you thinking, Chase? How can you re-write (Bush's) history by pulling up actual facts and actual quotes and actual historical evidence? It's "reprehensible." Keep up the good work!


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