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Ousted Republican head of public broadcasting actions broke rules, ethics code

Bush crony and ousted head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting was ever bit as crooked and a political hack as Bill Moyers said he was. Before leaving PBS, Moyers had said that Kenneth Tomlinson was on a political witchhunt, hell bent on "outing" the great liberal bias of PBS and for arbitrarily dictating unapologetically blatant conservative programming. Tomlinson and Republicans supporters summarily dismissed Moyers prophetic warnings as sour grapes. The Los Angeles Times reports on the findings of an internal investigation into Tomlinson's actions.
The former chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting repeatedly violated the organization's contracting rules and code of ethics in his efforts to promote conservatives in the system, according to an internal investigation released today. The 42-page report — the culmination of a six-month investigation by Kenneth A. Konz, the corporation's inspector general — described former Chairman Kenneth Y. Tomlinson as a rogue politico who overstepped the boundaries of his position to right what he viewed as a liberal tilt in public broadcasting. [...] Konz and his nine-member staff documented numerous occasions in which Tomlinson circumvented the corporation's contracting procedures in trying to hire his own handpicked candidates to study the political balance in public broadcasting. According to the report, Tomlinson failed to get board approval for his hiring of a consultant, Fred Mann, to monitor the political leanings of the guests on "Now With Bill Moyers" and three other programs. Mann, who divided guests into categories such as "pro-Bush" and "anti-Bush," was paid $20,200 for an analysis that was "not sophisticated," the report said. Tomlinson also had inappropriate involvement in the development of "The Journal Editorial Report," a public affairs program that began airing on PBS in September 2004, Konz wrote. The inspector general also uncovered numerous e-mails between Tomlinson and White House staff about the hiring of Patricia Harrison, a former Republican Party chairwoman, as the new CPB president. [more]
Imagine that: a Republican with an ethics problem. Who woulda thunk it?


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