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Pathology as Politics

Arthur Silber at Once Upon A Time examines the "valor" of Bush and Cheney:
As a personal matter quite apart from the merits of the contending arguments, I must first state that I find it utterly contemptible that Bush and Cheney and their pundit/blogger counterparts are so brave and so courageous and so fearless -- precisely so long as the weapons being deployed are only words. Simultaneously, and for more than three years, they have maintained a determined, almost unbroken silence about those people who demonstrate these virtues in the ways that are most serious and most costly. I refer to those young military personnel who, for example, have their legs blown off at the very beginning of their adulthood. But what do broken bodies, ruined lives, and a constantly growing mound of corpses signify when compared to the glorious nobility of talking tough? Such unflinching courage in the face of the unparalled threat of criticism and questioning is the stuff of legend. The valor of Bush and Cheney will be celebrated in folk lore down through the ages. We must be grateful to have lived in a time of such heroes. The works of Homer have nothing on us.
It's a very good read. See the whole post here.


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