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The president betrayed us

Dave Johnson at Seeing The Forest explains…

Watching Bush's speech yesterday I thought about something I wrote more than two years ago:

When the President of the United States tells you that there is a serious and imminent threat you don't really have a choice. You just have to go along. Our LIVES depend on believing him. Even if you can't see the threat it's the President's JOB to be looking out for it. ... Maybe he knows something he can't tell you. You don't have a choice. And, most important, no president has ever betrayed that trust before and it is hard to imagine one so corrupt that he would.

But BEFORE, we had no choice, really, because we HAVE TO trust that when the President says there is a threat to our lives, he is telling the truth!

. . . Now that it's over and we can look back and see what Bush did, it is absolutely essential for our own protection that we get Bush out of there. We can't trust and believe him next time, and next time there might actually BE a threat!

Once a President abuses that essential trust, everything about our country and our "compact" with our government changes. It's just like what happened with Katrina - these people really don't care and really are not interested in protecting the public. That is not how they intend to use the power they have been given by us. I think that's where we are today. [Read the full post]


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