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President uses veterans (again) as props for political attacks

Veterans are little more than a prop for this president. If he really cared about them, he would first make sure that we only sent our troops into harm's way only when absolutely necessary and he would also make sure that their needs are taken care of after they've served our country. He's failed on both accounts. Throughout the 2004 campaign and several times since when trying to convince the country to "stay the course" of his failed Iraq policy, he repeatedly has used soldiers and veterans as a photo op backdrop to give the appearance that he is military's number one supporter as commander in chief. At the same time, his policies and management of the Iraq War put the currently serving troops in greater and greater danger, and his administration repeatedly worked to cut back VA benefits. Today, on Veteran's Day, he used the veterans once again as a photo op prop for his Rove-orchestrated, partisan political attacks on those who dared criticize his decision to go to war and his execution and management of the war effort since. The Associated Press reported it this way:

President Bush strongly rebuked congressional critics of his Iraq war policy Friday, accusing them of being "deeply irresponsible" and sending the wrong signal both to America's enemy and to U.S. troops.

"The stakes in the global war on terror are too high, and the national interest is too important, for politicians to throw out false charges," Bush said in his most combative defense yet of his rationale for invading Iraq in March 2003.

Bush's charges brought a forceful response from senior Democrats in Congress, who accused the president of misleading the country about the justification for war. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who ran unsuccessfully against Bush last year, accused the president of playing "the politics of fear and smear."

As is the trademark of Rove, when you're back is against the wall, point the finger (and smear) your opponent(s) to try to divert attention from your own ineptitude and failings. Like a typical schoolyard bully, the only way he can prop himself back up is to tear others down. I, for one, see right through it. I just pray that the rest of America does too.


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