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Remember that mushroom cloud?

An editorial in today's New York Times asks some reasonable questions:

Last year, the Senate Intelligence Committee did a good bipartisan job of explaining that the intelligence in general was dubious, old and even faked by foreign sources. The panel said the analysts had suffered from groupthink. At the time, the highest-ranking officials in Washington were demanding evidence against Iraq.

But that left this question: If the intelligence was so bad and so moldy, why was it presented to the world as what Mr. Tenet, then the director of central intelligence, famously called "a slam-dunk" case?

Were officials fooled by bad intelligence, or knowingly hyping it? Certainly, the administration erased caveats, dissents and doubts from the intelligence reports before showing them to the public. And there was never credible intelligence about a working relationship between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

…Mr. Reid wrested a commitment from the Senate to have a bipartisan committee report by Nov. 14 on when the investigation will be done. We hope Mr. Roberts now gives this half of the investigation the same urgency he gave the first half and meets his commitment to examine all aspects of this mess, including how the information was used by the administration. Americans are long overdue for an answer to why they were told there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

This is why one-party rule is so dangerous; there are no checks and balances as politics (and they perpetual maneuvering to maintain power) supercedes principles and rules of law. Accountability erodes to nonexistence. Corruption, incompetence and malfeasance are swept under the rug and the country's security and welfare suffers. There was a gross failure of intelligence. It needs to be answered for. There needs to be unyielding and unflinching independent investigations into all these matters. Congress, run by the same party as this administration, has proven unwilling or incapable of fulfilling its constitutional duties as a check on executive power. Our country is at war because of that intelligence and that executive power, both of which have proven woefully incompetent.


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