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Republicans looking to cut pork — if by pork you mean aid to the poor

Okiedoke points out that our government, in the face of mounting deficits, is hard at working looking for "pork" to cut:
Our elected representatives in Washington may not be able to get anywhere close to a majority willing to cut pork in the bloated federal highway bill. But they seem to have other more popular ideas on ways to reduce pork, and beans, and potatoes, and …
With more than 38 million Americans too poor to buy adequate food, the US Congress has begun to take away the food stamps many of them receive.

The Republican majority on the House Agriculture Committee has approved budget cuts that will take “food stamps” away from an estimated 300,000 people and could cut off school lunches and breakfasts for 40,000 children. - The White House proposed the restriction earlier this year.

Perhaps there are good reasons for the cuts, what with the booming economy and low prices from free trade and all.
The action came as the US Government reported that the number of people who are hungry because they can’t afford to buy enough food rose to 38.2 million in 2004, an increase of seven million in five years.

The number represents nearly 12 per cent of US households.

Well, surely Oklahoma is the exception having adopted right-to-work and given business so much in tax breaks and other incentives. Let’s check a USDA report on hunger released this month:
Hunger 2002-2004 State Rank

OK 1

We hold that ranking thanks to an increase of 2.3% in hungry Okies since 2000.

I give up. Maybe the cuts are just plain wrong.

God's Own Party taking away aid to the very group that God expressed so much concern for in the Bible? Hmmm. Maybe they missed those 3,000 verses.


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