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Right-wing, unapologetic racism

This "enlightened" right-wing blogger "educates" the rest of us on the problems with France — they allowed the Muslims to get out of control.

All this began when two youths--ages 15 and 17--under the (so say police) mistaken impression that the police were chasing them, hid in a power station and got electrocuted. Certainly a tragedy, but worth a weeklong orgy of destruction and mayhem? Justification for setting fire to a school? Burning down a supermarket? One wouldn't think so. Not in a civilized place, at any rate.

Yet all this has unfolded this past week in the super-sophisticated, we-know-better-than-you-how-to-handle-conflict, superciliousness capital of the world--Paris, France.

Did I mention the boys and the rioters were Muslims?

You see, France has this huge population of Muslims growing like a viper in its bosom, and not enough intestinal fortitude to do anything about it. The French government has long ignored (even fostered) the growth of this population, and its international face has, especially since the onset of the war on Terror and the War for Iraqi Liberation, appeared for all the world to smile on the Muslim world (except for that nasty business about wearing headscarves, but that's all smoothed over now.)

It's a bad sign when the cockroaches aren't afraid of the light anymore.


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