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Rush to exploitation: Limbaugh seeks to profit off support for soldiers

Rush Limbaugh wants you to show your support (for his wallet) through his "Adopt A Soldier" campaign.
Support our men and women in uniform by giving a subscription to Rush 24/7 and the Limbaugh Letter to a member of the US Armed Forces. Adopt as many soldiers as you like at a discounted price and make sure that our military has full access to all three hours of every Rush Limbaugh Show. Say thank you by giving the gift of Rush to the men and women who protect our freedom. When you give an "Adopt A Soldier" subscription, your gift will be matched with a member of the military for a full year. He or she will receive unfettered access to Rush 24/7 online as well as every big, colorful issue of The Limbaugh Letter. When giving, make sure to let us know in the appropriate checkbox if it is ok to pass along your email address to the service person receiving your gift subscription, so that they can have the chance to thank you themselves. PLEASE NOTE THAT GIFTS MADE UNDER THIS PROGRAM ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE (because this is a for-profit enterprise to line my pockets).
Counting on the generosity of Americans who very much want to support America's soldiers, Rush launches a profiteering scheme to increase his subscriptions (and his profits) in the name of "helping support soldiers." How about Limbaugh adopting all the soldiers from a small portion of his millions (unless it's all tied up in OxyContin buys)? It's disgusting.


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