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Sen. Coburn fails to change expense rules

I wonder if our "distinguished" senator realized what his election might actually cost him — like earning any income from his medical practice. From the Associated Press:
Tom Coburn, a doctor and a senator, won support from 51 colleagues to collect just enough money from his medical practice to cover expenses, but it was not enough to change the rules in his favor.

Ethics rules limit the outside compensation that senators can earn. The Oklahoma Republican wanted permission to collect enough money to cover the cost for staff and malpractice insurance at his family and obstetrics practice. [...]

Coburn said keeping his medical practice would help him stay connected to constituents. [more]

I have to say one thing for our senator, even if I don't agree with a lot of what he has to say: He is truly a Washington outsider — and that's a good thing. I like that he still believes in the concept of citizen-legislators and that he doesn't like career politicians. I like that he favors term limits, and I like even more that he practiced what he preached and term-limited himself. I have to give it to him that he's not afraid of being a maverick. I just wish that we agreed on more issues, and that he didn't say such crazy (and embarrassing) things sometimes. I wish he was my senator, but he's just the senator for the state I live in.


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