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McCain launched a new website,, that signals his presidential ambitions (again). I might have given him more serious consideration except that he sold his soul to Bush in 2004. In an attempt to curry future favor from the GOP base, he cozied up to and stumped for the very same man whose campaign viciously and dishonestly maligned him in the 2000 presidential primaries. And he stood by and did nothing when the same tactics were inflicted upon Bush's 2004 opponent, John Kerry — a decorated veteran who actually served in Vietnam, unlike the president who (by proxy) mocked Kerry's service. I, at one time, respected McCain and applauded his maverick, principled stands against the status quo in Washington, even in his own party — right up to the point he climbed into bed with Bush. Since he supported a president who has failed this nation (and that was evident even during the 2004 campaign), he can go down with "his captain."


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