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Swiftboating the Wal-Mart Movie

Jim Gilliam writes in today's edition of The Huffington Post about the Wal-Mart attack machine, staffed by expert mudslingers, throwing the full weight of the discount giant against independent filmmaker Robert Greenwald and his new exposé about the company.

From the moment Wal-Mart saw the trailer they went into full attack mode complete with a war room, political operatives and spin doctors. They may have an unlimited bank account (well, actually they OWN the bank), but this film will not be swift-boated.

The Wal-Mart war room is run by Edelman PR, the famed DC PR firm known for its 50-year defense of the tobacco industry, and is staffed with people adept at feeding this echo chamber.

From Mike Deaver, Ronald Reagan's chief of staff and image guru to Mike Krempasky, a right-wing political blogger/operative with ties to key Republican dirty-tricksters such as Morton Blackwell, Roger Stone, and Richard Viguerie.

Before the film was even released, they came up with 10 pages and a video power point presentation attacking not only the trailer, but also every other film Robert Greenwald has ever made with 3 pages of bad reviews dating back to 1980.

So follow it along, this is classic right-wing echo in action. [...continued]

I think Wal-Mart using a PR strategy like that used in the defense of the tobacco industry is quite appopriate: both are killing America in pursuit of the almighty dollar.


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