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U.S. lags behind other nations in health care

The United States lags behind several other nations when it comes to medical errors, high out-of-pocket health-care costs, and foregone health care as a result of those high costs, according to a new survey released Thursday. … More U.S. respondents (34 percent) reported having experienced at least one of four types of errors: medication errors, incorrect test results, delays in receiving test results or a mistake in treatment or care. In Canada, 30 percent of respondents reported at least one of these errors, as did 27 percent of Australian respondents, 25 percent of those in New Zealand, 23 percent of those in Germany, and 22 percent of those in the U.K. … Americans tended to have to pay more for their care, spending more than $1,000 out-of-pocket in the past year. Half of the adults surveyed said they didn't seek help when sick, didn't fill a prescription or didn't get recommended treatment. By contrast, 13 percent of adults in the U.K. reported foregoing care because of costs, and two-thirds said they had no out-of-pocket costs. … In Canada and the United States, patients were significantly less likely to get same-day access to health care.

In the other countries, 45 percent to 58 percent reported being able to get same-day appointments. Waiting times for elective surgery or specialists were shortest in Germany and the United States.

"The lack of waiting time in Germany was notable because they spend a lower percentage of their gross domestic product on health care than we do," Schoen said.

What's that line about America having the best medicine in the world?


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