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When the going gets tough, the "tough" get going (away)

"If it's too hot in the kitchen, get out." Well, the president is doing just that. With continually declining public support, a deteriorating war effort, a scandal-laden staff and a failing presidency, Bush does what he does best — he leaves town. From AFP:
A year after his triumphant re-election, US President George W. Bush has suffered a number of domestic blows to his standing and is now trying to use foreign diplomacy to improve his image, analysts say. …

Bush has suffered a trying week in which he saw the US troop death toll in Iraq hit 2,000, the humiliating withdrawal of his Supreme Court candidate Harriet Miers, and the indictment White House official Lewis Libby for making false statements and obstruction of justice in a CIA leak case.

"Often presidents when they are in trouble domestically will turn to international affairs. This is a way to exert some leadership" said Nelson Cunningham, former advisor to ex-presidential candidate John Kerry.

"Perhaps the president will see the trip to Latin America as a way to exert some leadership in a positive direction," he added.

Inter-American Dialogue institute vice president Michael Shifter sees it differently. He believes Bush has such a poor image abroad that he has little to gain from his marathon diplomacy in Latin America and Asia.

"Bush will be politically very weak when he arrives at Mar del Plata (Argentina, for an Americas trade summit). This is not a good time for him to attempt rebuilding a regional relationship that for the last few years has been deteriorating," Shifter said.

You know it's getting bad for the president when he has to turn to the international community for support; in his first term's "War on Terror" global dominion campaign, he seemed to have little use for international diplomacy, especially with countries who didn't acquiesce to Bush's pre-Iraq bullying. It's a little bit ironic.


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