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When you can't make your goal, lower the bar (by a lot)

When you're desperate for good news, sometimes you have to manufacture your good news. Recruiting for the Army in the last year-plus has fallen woefully short — bad news. The Washington Post reports that the Army met its recruitment goals in October — good news; it helps that they lowered the goal by a third.

The Defense Department opened its new recruiting year with good news: announcing yesterday that the Army met its goal for October. But officials also said that the Army lowered the October recruiting goal by about a third from last year's.

Army officials said that they recruited 4,925 soldiers into active duty in October, the first month of the new fiscal year, exceeding the monthly goal of 4,700. Last October, the Army slightly exceeded its goal of 6,935. […]

The Army, which still hopes to recruit 80,000 soldiers during the fiscal year, plans to sign up 10,450 people in July, 10,050 in August and 9,800 in September -- months that are traditionally strong for recruitment. That means the Army is leaving 30,300 recruits -- or 38 percent of its annual goal -- for the final three months of the fiscal year.

The Army did not recruit more than 9,500 in any month last year and fell far short of its monthly goals several months in a row.

It's this type of delusional optimism that accounts for the Pentagon's failing execution and management of the Iraq occupation with its "stay the course" plan.


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