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All Things Beautiful doesn't see all things as beautiful...

Talk about ironically named blogs... Alexandra's All Things Beautiful doesn't find beauty in those things she doesn't agree with or just doesn't understand. She can't understand why one of her fellow competitors in the WEBLOG AWARDS contest (who happens to be currently beating the pants — or skirt or whatever she's wearing) is less concerned about winning a vanity award and more concerned about making a difference in our nation's future. She also doesn't seem to understand (or agree with) the organizer of these awards inviting people who don't appreciate the awards (i.e. so vane that envy for the award consumes them); apparently she can't understand the principle of equality and fairness even when others don't appreciate it. All Things Beautiful? Only with those rose-colored glasses through which she sees the world. I'll cast my vote to a more "beautiful" blog.


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