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Another moonbat wingnut: "Associated Press has caused some U.S. soldiers to lose their lives"

In a post yesterday, I told you about a Bill O'Reilly guest who blamed ABC News for killing American soldiers. Todd Manzi at believes the U.S. casualty rate is higher because of the Associated Press.
The terrorists know they cannot defeat us militarily. They understand the only way they can win is if our military withdraws because the American people stop supporting the war.

Terrorists are trying to get their message across to us, but instead of issuing press releases, they are killing our troops.

We know how important the will of the American people is regarding the war. Doesn’t the will of the terrorists matter also? If their cause looks lost, they will attack less. If they think they have a chance to win, they will attack more. The irresponsible, antiwar-biased reporting from the Associated Press over the last four months can only have encouraged our enemy to keep trying. Terrorists may have been given the false hope that all is not lost for them.

[Read the rest only if you have your shit-waders on]

The casualty rate couldn't have anything to do with gross mismanagement of our operation there, could it? Who sent them there in the first place? The Associated Press? ABC News? Only in right-wing world would the failures in Iraq be the responsibility of the media rather than the man in charge.


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