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Beltway sleaze: Something Malkin and I agree on

In a post today entitled "Beltway sleaze," Malkin references a post by about "A Web of Hypocrisy." The post couldn't be more appropriately headlined. As a defense for the corruption among leading Republicans, Matt Margolis points his PCKBS*-ravaged finger at connections between Democrats and the indicted briber and scandal-spreading scoundrel Jack Abramoff. While ignoring the ethical (and possible criminal) wrongdoings of his own corrupt party, Margolis attacks Democrats' ethics and credibility. Now, I will agree that the Democrats shouldn't be so quick judge the Republicans when they are now and have been in the past guilty of similar ethical (and criminal) malfeasance. Since I am beholden to neither party, I am equally disgusted by the (lack of) ethics and standards of conduct by both parties, and annoyed by the self-righteous chest beating on both sides of the aisle. But I am also fascinated by's attack on Democrats knowing full well that its own house is drowning in corruption, spurred on by arrogance that comes from one-party rule. Michelle Malkin's comment: "It's everywhere." My response: I couldn't agree more. Let's throw them all out and start with a clean slate. * PCKBS — Pot-Calling-Kettle-Black Syndrome


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