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Bloodthirsty bloggers "thank god there will always be a Texas"

Bloggers like Dafydd at Big Lizards and Michelle Malkin continue to anxiously look forward to the execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams. His death couldn't come fast enough. They continue to castigate the idea of rehabilitation or redemption; I mean, what possible good would come from a condemned killer telling the youngest generation that his was a path not to be emulated? Without taking the time here to challenge each of the statements in the post by Dafydd, one statement did stick out like a very sore thumb:
Thank God, there will always be a Texas.
Really? Thank God? And thank him for a state like Texas?
  • A man executed by Texas a decade ago may in fact be innocent of the crime. What would God think of that? "Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent— the LORD detests them both" (Proverbs 17:15).
  • Among the 38 states that have capital punishment, Texas is far and away the modern-day leader in implementing it. Although it has 7.6 percent of the nation's total population, Texas carried out 35 percent of the nation's executions between 1976 and last month-putting to death 321 of 909 condemned prisoners, according to the Death Penalty Information Center in Washington. Virginia was a distant second with 91 executions. And since 2002, the record is still more lopsided, with Texas responsible for 42 percent of the nation's total.
  • As an executioner of juvenile offenders, Texas also stands out not just in this country but around the globe. Since 1998, the state has put to death eight offenders who were under 18 at the time of their crime-nearly half the worldwide total of 17, according to Amnesty International.
Yes, yes... God would be "proud" of Texas. May God have mercy on our souls if there is always a state like Texas, but that's for another post at another time.


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