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Columnist challenges Bill O'Reilly's to look at a real war on Christian values

In an op-ed piece (subscription required) in Sunday's New York Times, columnist Nicholas Kristof issued the following challenge to Bill O'Reilly:
If you really want to defend traditional values, then come with me on a trip to Darfur. I'll introduce you to mothers who have had their babies clubbed to death in front of them, to teenage girls who have been gang-raped and then mutilated -- and to the government-armed thugs who do these things.

You'll have to leave your studio, Bill. You'll encounter pure evil. If you're like me, you'll be scared. If you try to bully some of the goons in Darfur, they'll just hack your head off. But you'll also meet some genuine conservative Christians -- aid workers who live the Gospel instead of sputtering about it -- and you'll finally be using your talents for an important cause.

Unfortunately, there's little chance that Bill would accept such a challenge. It's much easier to sit in a comfortable studio manufacturing "wars" while ignoring the true wars where Christian values are in true jeopardy. If American Christians were as concerned about the real threat to basic human rights of Christians and non-Christians around the world as they are about their perceived threat to peripheral consitutional rights, we would have the opportunity to truly demonstrate's Christ's love and Christian values. "They will know that we are Christians by our love." Kristof also made this compelling point that all Christians can heed: "When you've seen what real war does, you don't lightly use the word to describe disagreements about Christmas greetings."


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