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Cowards who call others cowards (also known as Pot-Calling-Kettle-Black Syndrome)

Malice in Malkinland and her many sheeple disciples whine when people give them unflattering monikers. However, just like her fellow right-wing bloviator Rush Limbaugh, continually malign political opponents with insulting nicknames. Case in point, Malice headlines one of her recent posts, "Howard The Coward Dean." (Malkin's sheeple disciples follow her example and will attack anyone who dares to criticize her with nasty name-calling and verbal abuse; all you have to do is look at some of the messages I've received.) Why can't someone legitimately be opposed to this (unjustified) war and be critical of its gross mismanagement without being labeled a coward? How can Rep. Jack Murtha, a decorated war veteran who initially supported the war until he realized how poorly it's been handled, be a coward (as those on the right were so quick to call him)? How are our currently leaders, appropriately labeled chickenhawks, who avoided previous wars not cowards? How are those war cheerleaders who are so willing to commit others' children to war without committing their own or serving themselves not cowards? It's easy to throw insults around, but it's quite disingenuous for Malkin and her fellow nationalistic, right-wing flag-worshippers to call legitimate dissenters cowards when their own leaders ducked service to their country.


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