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Fox News panelist calls out O'Reilly, Hannity, Gibson and Fox News for "pumping" Xmas "war"

A buoy of sanity and truth in a sea of insanity and untruths, there's no telling how long this guy will still be around Fox News. O'Reilly nemesis Media Matters reports on an unusually frank and unflattering analysis by a Fox News contributor about the network and some of its stars:

Media writer Neil Gabler, a regular Fox news panelist, asserted that Fox News hosts Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and John Gibson are "demagogues" who seek to "rally the masses" with their talk of a purported effort to suppress public recognition of the Christmas holiday. On the December 3 edition of Fox News Watch, Gabler said of those making such accusations: "They'll do it every Christmas. They did it last Christmas; they'll do it next Christmas." Later in the segment, Gabler stated: "The media, particularly Fox media, has been pumping the hell out of this thing.

Read the full report as well as watch the video.


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