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GOP stonewalling on pre-war intelligence report

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS) has proven himself to be as trustworthy and honorable as this administration. The committee he leads has made little progress in its second phase investigation into issues regarding pre-war intelligence. I "wonder" why. Raw Story reports:
Following a surprising move early last month by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D -NV), in which he shut down the Senate in an effort to force discussion on the inquiry, the Senate leadership established a six member bipartisan task force and set a Nov. 15 deadline for a progress report.[...]

A week later, on Nov. 8, the Senate Intelligence Committee staff briefed task force members on the investigative work done thus far.

The full Intelligence Committee met Nov. 9 for a briefing from staff, but according to Senate sources close to the Intel Committee, the task force is “unable to provide a timeline for Phase II completion.”

To date, there has been no Phase II report.

Senior Democratic Senate aides familiar with the task force’s activities say Republicans are stonewalling. One aide, who asked not to be named citing the secrecy of the investigation, explained that without the power of subpoena, Democrats are left with few options. “Phase II is dead,” the staffer said. [...]

Phase II is the second part of a larger investigation into pre-war planning and post-invasion failures. Phase I focused primarily on intelligence failures by the CIA, while Phase II focuses on five specific areas of inquiry:

-Whether public statements and reports and testimony regarding Iraq by U.S. Government officials made between the Gulf War period and the commencement of Operation Iraqi Freedom were substantiated by intelligence information;

-The postwar findings about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and weapons programs and links to terrorism and how they compare with prewar assessments;

-Prewar intelligence assessments about conditions to be expected in postwar Iraq;

-Any intelligence activities relating to Iraq conducted by the Policy Counterterrorism Evaluation Group (PCTEG) and the Office of Special Plans within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy; and

-The use by the Intelligence Community of information provided by the Iraqi National Congress (INC).

[Read full report]
The Republican-controlled Senate has been grossly derelict in it duty of oversight of this Republican administration. There were failures in intelligence, all rational people agree on that now; why has the Senate not fulfilled its responsibility of oversight of the executive branch (and its failures) so that we can rectify the problems so they aren't unnecessarily repeated? Why? Because politics triumphs sound policy. Because the GOP is covering up to protect its president. Because integrity in Washington is as prevalent as WMDs in Iraq. Shameful.


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