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Hint: Look in the mirror, Malkin

Malice in Malkinland has a new post about the 9/11 Gravy Train. I was on the same page with her, right up until the point she calls out the Dems in New Jersey. Ummm, they may be guilty too, but who's the party in power? Where is the buck supposed to stop? Hint: Look in the mirror, Malkin, at your own party and your own "can-do-no-wrong" president. Chief propagandist Dan Bartlett was spinning hard this morning on the morning news shows. According to him, it's not the president's fault; it's Congress' fault and the fault of state and local agencies that things aren't better. No, nothing is ever this president's fault; he can never be held accountable for his words and promises; he never makes a mistake and he is never wrong. At least that's the view in right-wing world.


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