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An honest city: San Diego drops "Finest City" slogan

From the Associated Press:

America's Finest City? Not any more.

One of its congressmen admitted taking $2.4 million in bribes, the FBI has investigated City Hall, the mayor resigned, a $1.37 billion pension shortfall damaged the city's credit rating and fueled talk of bankruptcy, and two councilmen were convicted of taking bribes from a strip club owner.

Faced with all that ill repute, the city has quietly dethroned itself and dropped the self-proclaimed title "America's Finest City" from its official Web site.

"We couldn't stake that claim anymore," said Gina Lew, the city's director of public and media affairs. "We were taking too many hits."

The San Diego Union-Tribune recently asked readers to coin a new slogan, saying "America's Finest" had turned "creaky." Among the nearly 500 responses: "Scandalicious," "An Eruption of Corruption," "All Major Unmarked Bills Accepted Here," and "Bunglers by the Bay."

At least San Diegoans are honest with themselves. Washington D.C. — or more specifically, it's political occupants — could learn a lot from them and should take a cue from San Diego's mea culpa.


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