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Iran gaining influence, power in Iraq

From Knight-Ridder:

The Iranian-backed militia the Badr Organization has taken over many of the Iraqi Interior Ministry's intelligence activities and infiltrated its elite commando units, U.S. and Iraqi officials said.

That's enabled the Shiite Muslim militia to use Interior Ministry vehicles and equipment - much of it bought with American money - to carry out revenge attacks against the minority Sunni Muslims, who persecuted the Shiites under Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein, current and former Ministry of Interior employees told Knight Ridder.

The officials, some of whom agreed to speak only on the condition of anonymity for fear of violent reprisals, said the Interior Ministry had become what amounted to an Iranian fifth column inside the U.S.-backed Iraqi government, running death squads and operating a network of secret prisons.

The militia's secret activities threaten to derail U.S.-backed efforts to persuade Sunnis to abandon the violent insurgency and join Shiites and Kurds in Iraq's fledgling political process. And by supporting Badr and other Shiite groups, Iran - a member of President Bush's "axis of evil" that sponsors international terrorism, is thought to be seeking nuclear weapons and calls for the destruction of Israel - has used the American-led invasion to gain influence in Iraq. [continued]

We invaded Iraq and toppled the Hussein regime because they were an "imminent threat" to our national security (even though now the Bushies want us to believe it was about democracy all along). Ever since we destabilized the country, Iran has been moving in to exercise its influence and control. The one person who kept Iran in check in the region, Saddam Hussein (as bad as he was), we removed from power; Iran couldn't be happier and more pleased with the outcome.

Iran has always been more of a real threat to us, with its strong fundamentalist government and diehard followers (you know the ones that chant "Death to America" at their massive rallies), and its actual aggressive pursuit of WMDs, most specifically nuclear capability. At least we kept Saddam in check; we've not been able to keep Iran in check for quite some time. So then the question becomes, are we safer now than we were pre-Iraq invasion?


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