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Iraq: The war to start all wars

In a stunning admission by the radical right-wing conspiracy, the GOP Journal deputy editor George Melloan reveals the real rationale behind the Iraq War. Think Progress has the story:
In Melloan’s view, the invasion was about creating a home base from which the United States can launch future wars against Iran and Syria:

The invasion of Iraq was not only about weapons of mass destruction…It was also about establishing a U.S. war-fighting beachhead in the heart of the Middle East, the principal breeding ground of terrorists. The invasion took out one terrorism sponsor, Saddam Hussein, and gave the U.S. a presence for intimidating two others, Iran and Syria.

According to Melloan, we need to finish the job in Iraq quickly – not so we can send the troops home – but so we can get ready to fight Iran:

Nowhere is the antipathy toward America and the West more clearly manifested than in Iran…Getting Iraq under control is urgent because of what may be the next threat in the Middle East.

Don’t expect the string of wars to end anytime soon. Melloan concludes that the fight could last “30 years in the view of some analysts.”

Now that sounds more like the PNAC Pax Americana agenda. This is why the issue about the initial rationale and justifications for going to war with Iraq are so important. Were the American people misled as to the true rationale for this invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation? If they had known the truth, would they have still supported the administration's agenda? If what Melloan says is true, would the American public still have supported the action? This is why uncritical, unquestioning, blind nationalistic loyalty is so dangerous.


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