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It's all about blaming anybody BUT Bush

The wingnuts are desperate to absolve Bush and his administration of any culpability for their incompetent response to the Katrina disaster. Michelle Malkin and her co-conspirators at blogs like Junkyard Blog continue to find every excuse possible to place the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of local officials and anybody but Bush. Local officials were indeed inept in their response, however there are some disasters so large that it is beyond their capacity and expertise to manage it effectively. That's what we pay the federal governments the big bucks for. And Bush, by appointing a wholly unqualified Brown as FEMA director coupled with an agonizing slow and paltry response of his own, should be the one person most responsible — "the bucks stops here." For Bush apologists, this president can do no wrong even when by all objective standards his response was beyond simple incompetence... it was gross negligence. As far as I'm concerned, Nagin, Blanco, Brown, Chertoff and Bush should all be held accountable for the disaster we know as the Katrina response. But, I'm willing to hold everyone accountable, not just those I don't agree with, like those disingenuous hypocrites on the right.


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