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Katrina recovery “has fallen so far off the [Bush] radar screen, you can’t find it”

It's easy to make promises. The tough part is keeping them. But as the memory of the horrors of the Katrina disaster fade (for those of us not directly impacted), so does our nation's (and national politicians') resolve to keep the promises made. In the Christian faith, a vow (or promise) is serious business; it's better to never make the promise than to make it and break it. Think Progress reports:

On September 15, President Bush stood in Jackson Square in New Orleans and made a promise:

And tonight I also offer this pledge of the American people: Throughout the area hit by the hurricane, we will do what it takes, we will stay as long as it takes, to help citizens rebuild their communities and their lives. And all who question the future of the Crescent City need to know there is no way to imagine America without New Orleans, and this great city will rise again.

It hasn’t worked out that way. Here’s Washington Post reporter Mike Allen today on Meet the Press:

I’m going to tell you something to amaze you; it amazed me yesterday. The last time the president was in the hurricane region was October 11, two months ago. The president stood in New Orleans and said it was going to be one of the largest reconstruction efforts in the history of the world. You go to the White house home page, there’s Barney camp, there’s Social Security, there’s Renewing Iraq. Where’s renewing New Orleans? A presidential advisor told me that issue has fallen so far off the radar screen, you can’t find it.

The New York Times says the neglect is threatening the future of the city:

We are about to lose New Orleans. Whether it is a conscious plan to let the city rot until no one is willing to move back or honest paralysis over difficult questions, the moment is upon us when a major American city will die, leaving nothing but a few shells for tourists to visit like a museum.

Why does this president seem more interested in rebuilding Iraq than rebuilding America?


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