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MalkinWatch: Goodwill shortlived, malice returns

The non-partisan goodwill was shortlived in Malkinland this morning. After her respectful and admirable noting of the passing of a Democratic legend, it didn't take long for the bitter partisanship to resume. Malice in Malkinland set her unhinged sights on the liberals and Democrats, manufacturing outrage at perceived offenses around every corner: AN OUTRAGEOUS DEMOCRAT SMEAR, QUICK! SOMEONE CALL JOHN KERRY!, THE IRAQI ELECTIONS AND THE UNHINGED LEFT and WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA? PT. 9,999.

From her last post:

From the notoriously biased Associated Press reporter Jennifer Loven, comes this fair and balanced dispatch on the Iraqi elections:

President Bush hailed Thursday's voting in Iraq as "a major milestone" in establishing a democratic ally for the United States in the Middle East and moving toward the day when American troops can come home.

The appearance of a buoyant Bush in the Oval Office alongside six smiling young Iraqis displaying purple-stained fingers was an attempt to capitalize on any positive news in Iraq.

Well, Michelle, whether it came from a biased reporter or not, it's a pretty fair and accurate description. In another post, HAVE YOURSELF A TWISTED LITTLE CHRISTMAS, Malkin shows graphics of a few of the latest controversial (and sick) Christmas displays. She says, "As if you needed evidence that absolutely nothing is sacred anymore." However, I don't remember her mentioning the family displaying the bloody Santa was part of the Christian warriors fighting against the alleged "War on Christmas." Michelle, I believe that's a right-wing engineered fight. Be sure to get on O'Reilly for inciting such militant behavior during your next lovefest on his Faux News broadcast.


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