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MalkinWatch: A higher standard of presumption for liberals than their own

Malice in Malkinland continues to presume that the KU professor has to be making it all up. With little more than innuendo and pure conjecture, without any official factual evidence to back up her claim, she continues to impugn the professor's credibility. But this doesn't surprise me. The wingnuts always has differing standards for liberals (or anyone other than them) than they do for their own. Although some previous commenters have accused me of saying something I haven't said, I'm not saying that I believe the professor's story or that there's never been a case of a manufactured crime; however, I'm reserving judgment until the facts come out. There remains, at least in principle, the idea of presumption of innocence. But for the right, it's crucify first, ask questions (much) later.


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