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Mea Culpa: Time to come clean about "attack" on "All Things Beautiful"

It's Sunday morning and on this Lord's Day, I must come clean. My post yesterday morning, "All Things Beautiful doesn't see all things as beautiful," wasn't entirely an honest critique. In my orneriness (partially due from a major lack of sleep), I chided All Things Beautiful as an experiment to see what kind of response I would get. The response was, unfortunately, as expected: predominantly mean-spirited and unpleasant, primarily in comments to this blog, which were filtered and deleted for their nastiness. And before those of us who are left of the far-right wing feel self righteous, keep in mind that I see the same type of behavior from the other side as well. Why am I harder on the right than the left, some ask? Is it because I'm a lefty, liberal Democrat? Not at all. I vehemently disavow any political affiliation and my personal ideology defies any standard naming convention. I am harder on the right for three reasons: (1) I was once part of the hard right conservative movement; (2) as a Christian, I will challenge much more vigorously the self-described party of the Christian right because I hold Christians to a higher standard than non-Christians; and (3) I will be much more critical of the party and ideology in power (especially with one-party rule) because I have seen from BOTH sides that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Back to the original point of this post: In the process of goading, I made some unfair, unreasonable and, in some cases, unfounded accusations against Alexandra and her blog All Things Beautiful. For that, I sincerely apologize. While I may not agree with Alexandra on many things, she does indeed have a decent blog and the artwork she displays on the blog is truly enjoyable to look at. I wish her and her blog well in this contest. Vote for All Things Beautiful, not based on partisan ideology but based on quality of content."


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