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People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Mr. Hannity

Sean never lets hypocrisy prevent him from expressing his moral "outrage" against anything the "liberal establishment" (like universities) or liberals or Democrats may do (or what he claims that they do with circumspect motives). But people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. From News Hounds:
For Sean Hannity, what's good for FOX and the Bush family is a scandal for universities. Last night's (12/13/05) Hannity & Colmes included a critical look at Saudi Prince Al-waleed bin Talal's large donations to two top US universities. Hannity and author Richard Miniter slimed the schools by saying, without offering any sources or facts to back up the claim, that the donations were evidence of anti-Americanism on campus. Meanwhile, everybody seemed to overlook the fact that the same prince is a large stockholder of FOX News parent company, News Corporation. Also overlooked were the recent allegations that, at the request of the prince, FOX News changed its news reporting to make it more Muslim-friendly.


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