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Tide turning against Wal-Mart

If people can look beyond their own selfish interests — i.e. saving a little while costing others a lot — and take a hard look at the practices and impact of Wal-Mart, their minds will most likely be changed. But for some, if it works for "me," who cares about all that other stuff. An Associated Press article (via Yahoo News) looks at a turning tide when it comes to people's perceptions about Wal-Mart:
Nancy McShane abruptly quit shopping at Wal-Mart in March after her turkey-farming relatives complained about undue price pressure from the world's largest retailer. But James Butler says the convenience and low prices outweigh any complaints.

Depending on who you ask, Americans are either sticking with Wal-Mart because of its prices and policies or turning against it amid allegations by unions and others that the company is bad for workers, the environment and communities.

According to a poll released Thursday by Wake Up Wal-Mart, an anti-Wal-Mart group launched this year by the United Food and Commercial Workers union, more Americans have an unfavorable view of Wal-Mart today than at the start of the year.

The poll showed that a majority, 58 percent, viewed Wal-Mart favorably, but the figure was down from 76 percent in January. Wake Up Wal-Mart said that was proof that its message against the company's low-price business model is hitting its intended target — the average Wal-Mart shopper.

"What this polling indicates is that Wal-Mart's reputation is in a tailspin," said Paul Blank, campaign director at Wake Up Wal-Mart. [more]

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