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War is hell: The unreasonable toll of an unnecessary Iraq quagmire

This is another reason war is hell and shouldn't be a pre-emptory, voluntary, offensive foreign policy tool. It should be the solution of absolute last resort. Not only does it take a devastating toll on the people and the country we destroy in the process, there is an almost unbearable cost for families here at home. I'm not just talking about the unimaginable grief of the families and friends of fallen soldiers or the incredible pain of those maimed and profoundly wounded (physically, emotionally and psychologically), but also the families that are ripped apart. Some of those stories are unbelievable — and inexcusable. reports on one such story:
While most of her friends and neighbors are amusing themselves with Christmas decorations and holiday gifts, Patricia Arndt is fretting over far more serious matters. The single mother from Medford has been unexpectedly pulled from the inactive Army reserve and ordered to report for active duty by Feb. 5. (Emphasis mine.) As Christmas nears, Arndt, 43, is trying to sell the Medford home she says she will not be able to keep on an Army salary of approximately $60,000 a year, and is searching for someone to care for her 13-year-old son, Shane. She expects to train for an 18-month tour of duty that could take her to Iraq or Afghanistan. She said she never saw her return to active duty as a possibility. "Never in a million years," she said. "This is a very hard thing for me," she said. "I absolutely love my country. I feel I owe it to the Army and my fellow soldiers, because I wouldn't be here without them. "If I were a reservist assigned to a unit, I'd have been trained and informed of the possibility that I would be called. I'm not prepared for this."
Sacrifices like this and those of greater significance should only be asked when absolutely, unequivocally necessary to defend this nation from an imminent threat. Period. All those Republicans and wingers who are so gung ho about this action should willingly sign up themselves or sign up their own children and family members before asking others to make a less-than-completely-necessary sacrifice. That includes Mr. Bush and his able-bodied daughters. Let them all go serve and leave the rest of America alone.
(Hat tip to Atrios)


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