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Wingnuts whining about "Shame on you" billboard

The DNC paid to have the following billboard erected in Rep. Jean Schmidt's district: Right-wingers are crying foul, calling it an outrageous smear — which I guess they would be experts on since their party seems to employ that strategy regularly. But it is quite ironic that such a billboard would be considered an outrageous smear when the subject of the billboard herself called a fellow Congressman a coward. What's even funnier is that one commenter on The Political Teen said this:
Picking on a woman who only repeated another soldiers words. Where is the backbone of the democrat party to go after the soldier who wrote that email?
That writer apparently has faulty memory, faulty intelligence or simple ignorance. Schmidt claimed to be quoting a soldier who she had just talked to on the phone (not an email) and the soldier she was supposedly quoting denied ever saying the words she said calling Murtha a coward. But, then again, facts isn't really important to these wingnuts. The Congresswoman lied and called a fellow member of the House a coward... and that's okay. Calling her on it is not. That's truly twisted logic. But, then again, that's wingnuts for you.


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